Influencer Marketplaces and Tips For Beginners

Couple of months ago, I started working on influencer marketing and the ROI was staggering! In the past months, I have tried a number of marketplaces for influencer marketing and a number of models. Based on these experiences I have put forth a list of influencer marketing marketplaces and a few tips for people who want to promote their apps through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. for the first time.

List of Influencer Marketplaces

Be aware, not all services listed below are indie-friendly.


It’s a self-serve influencer marketplace that supports YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Tumblr. You can put out call for proposals from influencers and select influencers based on their proposal. You can also search and contact influencers directly. The platform chages 10% on top of what you pay the influencer as a service fee. Overall, it’s a good platform for marketers with all kind of budgets.


If you don’t want to limit your marketing pitch to social networks like Facebook or Instagram, then Tomson might be a good choice. The platform attracts a huge amount influencers from the blogosphere. The platform charges you a monthly fee for its services.


It’s a influencer marketplace for branded vidoes. The platform pitches itself as “YouTube Certified”. The pricing model is on per project basis, similar to Famebit.


Grapevine is another platform exclusive to YouTube influencers and marketers. The pricing model is project based where you can negotiate the price with the influencers. The platform also boasts about a custom tracking technology to track conversions.

Below are some more platforms you should check out.

Tribe – Follows a project-based pricing model and charges 20% commission on top of each purchase.

Channel Pages – Channel Pages is another platform geared toward YouTube influencers and marketers.

Sponsored Mentions – A platform to buy Twitter mentions.

Izea – Izea supports multitude of social platforms and is focused on corporate clients.

Speakr – Targeted towards large brands and understandably you’ll need a deep pocket to work with them.

Tips Before You Dive In

Pricing Models

There are usually two types of pricing models – project-based payment model and affiliate payment model. In project-based payment model, the influencers charge you for each video. It’s an one off payment and the influencers don’t have any obligation to achieve any milestone. The affiliate payment model, on the other hand, is like traditional affiliate-based payment where you pay the influencers for each conversion.

Most influencers in the above marketplaces like to work in the project-based payment model. The above marketplaces are also built to support this payment model only. If you want to establish a business contract based on the affiliate model, you should ask influencers after you have established contact.

Follower or Engagement?

One of the dilemma in evaluating proposals and selecting influencer could be putting appropriate weight to an influencer’s follower count and engagement metrics. For example, a YouTube influencer might have 10,000 subscribers but 20,000 average views per video, while another influencer might have 100,000 users and 8,000 average views per video. Which influencer should you choose? Which metric should have more weight? My advice would be to go with the influencer with higher view count. S/he could increase your app’s visibility much faster. Often times, the average view count is not a good measure of success, as one single popular video can drive the average view count of a channel to sky high. Nonetheless, you should always look into how similar videos (as the one you are trying to produce) worked in the past in a channel.

What is The Best Price?

If you are going for a project-based payment model and your budget is limited then some of the proposals you receive might give you shocks. Don’t get disheartened by the asking price, negotiate rates. And there are YouTubers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers who will still work with you at a minimal rate, and will drive a good amount of traffic to your app page. So don’t get disheartened if some YouTubers ask $1,000 for just a mention in their videos, some big Influencers might ask for as low as $50 for a review video. Compare all the proposals you have received before you start negotiating.

Relevance is Important

Don’t jump right on the wagon just because an influencer offered a ‘good deal’ at a low price. Analyze whether the channel is relevant to your app. I have even received proposals from beauty care channels who promised to promote sales of my product. Only issue was the product in question was a free app with no IAP! Some influencers don’t even read your advertisement carefully before sending you a proposal. Be aware of such influencers.

The Art of Asking

One of my old clients once said, you won’t get it unless you ask. For example, often times you might think that an influencer you hired and already paid might give your video a boost. If there was nothing specific mentioned about this in your contract then just ask for it politely. Most influencers will accommodate your requests as best as they can. Doesn’t matter if you have already paid them. Master the art of asking and use it to your advantage.

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