About Me

I’m a person with varied interests. From my undergrad years till today, I have enjoyed working in a number of interesting disciplines – antenna design, radio network design and optimization, network operation support system (OSS) , technology blog, mobile apps, marketing tech, data analytics, business intelligence, entrepreneurship…

I’m currently a Computer Science graduate student at Florida International University. My current research interests lie in the fields of data management and scalable systems. Prior to this, I earned my master’s in Computer Science from The University of Texas at El Paso, MBA in Marketing from Institute of Business Administration at University of Dhaka, and BS in Electronic and Telecommunication from North South University, and worked in telecommunications, digital media and marketing for seven years.

If you want to know more about my work, take a look at my blog

… and for professional purposes – my resume.

To get in touch, use hello@manojsaha.com

Graph - Work Output
Image Source: PhD Comics